“One would soon go mad if one took such coincidences too seriously. One might be led to suspect that there were all sorts of things going on in the Universe which he or she did not thoroughly understand.” – Kurt Vonnegut

This will make sense later, really ...
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Trying to figure out why this teapot had demanded I buy it, I brewed some instant teabags in it. The tea wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything special, either.

Over the next few days, I was not surprised (but was somewhat disappointed) when nothing really came of the purchase.

Within a week it was sitting in the kitchen, already almost forgotten.

Around this time, I bought my house - and that night, I decided to explore the crawlspace for the first time.

You remember this part - I found a buried teapot in there - long forgotten in the darkness.

You probably also remember that it blew my mind.

Spooky action at a distance?

And here's why - the teapot I'd just found buried under my house was identical to the teapot that I'd brought home from the store a few days earlier.

Same design.

Same size.

Same materials.

Same hinges.

Same spout.


The same teapot.

It had been literally buried under my house the entire time I'd lived here.



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