“One would soon go mad if one took such coincidences too seriously. One might be led to suspect that there were all sorts of things going on in the Universe which he or she did not thoroughly understand.” – Kurt Vonnegut

elk are consciousnesses too
Background: California Tripping - January 15




I took a trip to California in mid January of 2006, with Saddlesore.

On our last day there, we hiked to the very end of
 Tomales Point - the northernmost tip of land on the western side of the San Andreas faultline.

We were surrounded on three sides by ocean, miles from the nearest road, buffeted by the wind cresting over the cliffs, in the most surreal, stunning landscape I have ever witnessed. The interplay of earth, water, light, and life were breathtaking, and the immediacy of the place and moment dwarfed all the things I'd thought were important to me back in civilization.
All distinctions were revealed as arbitrary, and I was washed away in experiencing the 'oneness' of all things.

Heh. You probably either know exactly what I mean, or you think I've absolutely lost it - either way, no need for me to go on.

Which works out anyway as I can't really recall the specifics that well - these experiences are hard to hold onto - like the details of a dream, they slip away between your fingers the harder you try to hold onto them.

But I can say this - it was what people call a mystical experience.

And trust me, the former "King of the Atheists" and scourge of the hippies does not toss words like that around easily, without scorn or irony.

Especially in public.

But it's true.
"it's a monumental good thing"

And I can say this, too - that in the aftermath of that experience, I found myself on a roll of following some intuition, an inner voice that pulled me where it seemed I needed to go. I felt in control of my reality in a way I never had before - by letting go of reason and deliberation, silencing the paralyzing mental chatter, and just - doing.

And it worked.

the point of Tomales Point

My house transformed from an intractably dark and dusty space to a more open, light, clean space almost effortlessly, and in doing so seemed to mirror the transformations going on elsewhere in my mind and life.

I won't go too much into that here -let's just say it was a fertile time for change - positive change.

And yet ... old habits die hard; as several days passed and the immediacy of my mystical experience faded a bit, I found myself increasingly skeptical of this way of being, this way of seeing the world.

And that was the state of mind I was in on January 21st - my first Saturday back from California - one week before I first explored my crawlspace.

That Saturday I took a trip to Unique Thrift store with some friends, to go trolling for cool junk.

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