“One would soon go mad if one took such coincidences too seriously. One might be led to suspect that there were all sorts of things going on in the Universe which he or she did not thoroughly understand.” – Kurt Vonnegut
"The irrational fullness of life has taught me never to discard anything, even when it goes against all our best theories or otherwise admits of no immediate explanation. It is of course disquieting, and one is not certain whether the compass is pointing true or not; but security, certitude, and peace do not lead to discoveries." - Carl Jung

Background: Thrift Store, Jan 21st.




As usual, by the end of the trip through the thrift store, our shared cart was full of random stuff - I grab everything that catches my mind, and then, before checking out, go through the cart and jettison the stuff that doesn't quite appeal enough to trade money for, after all.


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Many things were discarded in this process, but I could not bring myself to get rid of one specific item.

I was bemused to find myself struggling to justify why I felt so compelled to buy this thing - to myself and to my friends ... who found my efforts amusingly incomprehensible.

"I don't know - there's just something satisfying about it -
 I like the materials, the construction maybe -
 the connotations are somehow pleasant to me.
 I don't know. I just feel like I want this in my house."

Finally, I decided to go along with my fading post-Tomales Point intuition kick, and just let myself be guided - by instinct, by magic, by whatever the hell it is.

So I put it back in the cart with the other "keeper" items, saying,

"Well, I don't drink tea very often now, but maybe I'll start."

Yes, the object I'd decided to buy was a teapot.

It had grabbed my eye and sucked me in from halfway across the store, up on the high top shelf. I'd been strongly drawn to it ... even though I don't usually wander into the housewares section ar all, and have never considered myself to be the kind of person who owns - let alone buys - a teapot.

Regardless, I bought the teapot, and brought it home with me.



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