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Ounderground exploration by exploring explorers

  Chute Tunnel/Cave & Pillsbury Canal

  Chute Tunnel/Cave & Pillsbury Canal
  A long-buried natural cave and the man-
  made tunnel that once connected it to
  the outside world.

  exploring Cobb's Caves

  Cobb's Caves
  A long-lost cave system beneath downtown
  Saint Paul, which we were only able to
  discover with rappelling gear

  exploring the Pillsbury tunnels

  East Bank Tailrace Tunnels
  Tailrace tunnels from the late 1800's,
  and associated abandoned building sub-

  exploration of the Ford Assembly Plant & Abandoned Mines

  Ford Motors Mines
  The extensive tunnel network beneath
  the Ford Motors Plant, used in the 30's

  to mine sand to make into auto glass.

  old drain tunnels beneath Fort Snelling

  Fort Snelling Drains
  Old stone drainage tunnels beneath the
  historic Fort, home to a variety of
  loathsome creatures.

  Heinrich Brewery Cave - Minneapolis

  Heinrich Brewery Caves
  A small system of caves once used to
  lager beer for the Heinrich Brewery
  century or so ago.

  Saint Paul deep collector storm drain

  Kittsondale Helix Drains
  Two major drain systems on either side
  of Saint Paul, each featuring unusual
  stone spiral staircases.

  downtown Saint Paul utility tunnel system

  Labyrinth, The
  The Holy Grail of Twin Cities Urban
  Adventuring - seven interconnected
  tunnel systems tangling beneath St Paul.

  storm drain exploration in St Paul

  Lucky 13 Drain
  A massive Saint Paul drain featuring
  an impressive impact cup dropshaft

  quest for Satan's Cave

  Nicollet Island Tunnels (Satan's Cave)
  The infamous "Satan's Cave" and related
  utility tunnels from long ago.

  buried Phalen Creek drain tunnel

  Phalen Creek Tunnel
  A truly enormous drain, built in the
  1800's to entomb a creek that got in the
  way of the railroad companies.

  caves of Red Wing Minnesota

  Red Wing Caves
  A variety of manmade and natural caves
  in the bluffs of scenic and historic
  Red Wing, Minnesota.

  aka the Schmidt Brewery Caves

  Stahlmann's Brewery Cellars
  Extensive and deadly, this network of
  brewery caves, tunnels,
and sewers
  almost killed us.

  dead cat, drain architecture

  Temple of the Drowned Cat Drain
  A nifty drain with some interesting

  where Action Squad began: U of MN Steam Tunnels

  U of MN Steam Tunnels: East Bank System
  Action Squad's birthplace. A two-level,
  extremely extensive steam tunnel maze
  beneath the entire campus.

  University of MN Steam Tunnels - West Bank

  U of MN Steam Tunnels: West Bank System
  The corresponding, much smaller system
  across the Mississippi River.

  Saint Paul campus steam tunnels

  U of MN Steam Tunnels: Saint Paul System
  The U's steam tunnel system beneath the
  Saint Paul campus. We almost got busted
  there twice.

  inside the Wabasha Street Bridge in Saint Paul

  Wabasha Street Bridge Tunnels
  A bizarre network of tunnels, bridge
  rooms, caves, plus the innards of the
  Wabasha Street bridge itself.

  West Bank Tailrace Tunnels

  West Bank Tailrace Tunnels
  A mostly flooded system that carried
  water back to the river in the 1800's,
  after its energy had been harnessed
  and converted into electricity.

  Yoerg Brewery Caves in Lilydale

  Yoerg Brewery Caves
  A four-level (kind of) brewery cave
  system, well over 100 years old.

  " It's their time up there -
    Down here, it's our time! "
                                                      -  Goonies  

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