Temple of the Drowned Cat

Members: Max Action, Muppy Skum, Jim, and Wolfman McManwolf                11/10/01
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The Temple of the Drowned Cat

It was one of those missions when the route becomes the destination. We'd obtained a geological study of a neighborhood in St. Paul that seemed to show some caves which we'd never even heard a word about, so of course we felt the need to try and find 'em. When our efforts on the surface failed to yield results, we decided to try to find a way in via the drainage tunnels under the area.

We never did find those caves, but we had a blast anyway. At first, the drain we entered went on for a long time with few features to recommend it, as drains usually do. We sang "Punk Rock Girl" and other classic songs as we walked, enjoying the amazing and inimitable reverb of drain tunnels. We passed several catchbasins, none of which had caught any dead bodies. (Of course we check!)

Eventually, we'd explored all of the walking-height portions of the system. As it turned out, there were quite a few interesting features down there, especially the "temple" shown at left, which came complete with a dead cat at its base (see it down there?). Click the small pix for more info.