Temple of the Drowned Cat                      11/10/01

Muppy Skum coming back down the series of ladders that begins inside the temple, and goes up about 75-100 feet to a small room 10 feet or so beneath the surface. A manhole in the ceiling up there grants outside access, but is in the middle of a reasonably busy street.

The thing in the foreground at left is the "filter" of the catchbasin: runoff falls down from the shallow system through a dropshaft that runs down next to the shaft with the staggered ladders. The stream hits in a large iron cylinder (which is in a circular room on a concrete platform held up by the "temple pillars")with grapefruit sized holes in it, which catches large debris and keeps it out of the river. The water flows down the sides onto the floor, and washes out of the temple and down through the drains and into the river. There, it goes into the ocean and evaporates and the water cycle begins again ... hey, that Muppy has a nice ass, eh?