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The Hamm's Brewery is the coolest abandoned site Action Squad has ever explored, hands down. It simply has it all: historical interest, multiple interconnected buildings, utility tunnels, artifacts, gargantuan machinery, ancient caves, multi-tiered rooftops, and a total lack of the graffiti and other vandalism which happens when stupid people start getting into a vacant structure. Every trip seems to bring major new discoveries, and it would take a long, long time to run out of stuff to explore there; on the standard 1-10 scale, we rate Hamm's a '10.'


The majority of the Brewery's remaining structures are vacant, and most have not been significantly altered since the brewery closed in 1997. Memos, calendars, locker contents, files, and many other "artifacts" largely remain in their original context, disturbed only by raccoons, the elements, and the final sweep of the former Stroh's employees before the complex was abandoned years ago.

Unlike most abandoned buildings, which are mere shells that once held businesses and institutions, the structures at Hamm's were as intregal to the business as the machinery was. They were built not just to protect their contents from Ma Nature, but also as functioning elements of the brewing process. This is why, unlike a hospital, military complex, or other multi-building site, it has proven essentially impossible to find new uses for the Brewery's buildings.


Any single one of the forty or so buildings that make up the Brewery would be worthy of their own section of the website, if they were independent structures we'd explored. However, since the Brewery buildings were all used interdependently for a unified purpose (making beer!), and are for the most part interconnected, we decided to lump all of the buildings, tunnels, and even the caves into one (multi-paged) section. If you don't like it, make your own Hamm's website.Oh, and have fun with the razor wire, security cameras, and the police station next door. Heh.

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