University of MN East Bank Steam Tunnels

The motherfucker of all vertical shafts: the Hellhole, located beneath the abandoned Mineral Resources building.  Max Action had a long-running offer of $10 for anyone else willing and able to make it from the bottom to the top of it.  It looks nice enough in this picture, but is the most cramped, filthy, dusty, and horrible shaft in the whole steam tunnel system.  There are three times the normal amount of steam lines in it, and the insulation on them is not consistent; unshielded steam lines are a very good way to burn yourself badly (note the lack of insulation on the top pipe in this picture). About half way up, the pipes run right up against the ladder, necessitating a switch to the other side of them, and an ascent without the benefit of a ladder.  The rust falls down in baseball-sized chunks, and the air is more dust than gas.  And just to make it all better, when Max arrived at the top, there was a bar welded across that made passage seem impossible.  Of course, Goonies never say die, so he wiggled through with his arms above his head and his feet dangling in space.  Success was bought at the cost of black boogars and large friction scabs in his armpits for two weeks.

The others went around and met him behind the Mineral Resources building, where they entered through a window.