Twin Cities urban exploration


Local Explorers' Responses

"I certainly side with Max on this one - it does seem like Brick lifted that Ford story from the AS site. Aside from that, you guys know I hate the "elitist" attitude that often times goes alongside our hobby.  That alone makes me have a distaste for Brick's book.  I am not some vandal kid, I have a strong interest and passion for archeology, history, geology, and exploring. I hate being thought of as anything different.  Max has incorporated many of these aspects into the AS site and I don't think that because it is told through the punk rock/adventure guise that it is any less valid than Brick's outings.  Brick's book reveals entrance info, or at least gives "enough clues to piece an entrance together", as he put it in regards to AS.  Hypocrisy, Slander, and suspected p[redacted per settlement agreement] have tarnished my once spotless view of the guy. "

"Wow. That's just....Wow. Shitty. What an asshat."

"I suppose it's possible he could have had a similar experience, but I did notice how that passage seemed awfully familliar.  I also noticed the way he revealed secret entrances that other explorers had found/dug, while complaining how websites had ruined his entrances."

"I was really excited about this book, but have chosen NOT to buy it because I think it's a load of shit."

"I think he has a little bitch slappin coming to him and p[redacted per settlement agreement] is pretty low.  Maybe you should notify the publisher of his theft of intellectual materials and get him press black balled. Esp since you kind of have a timestamped proof of that story being from you and not him"

"I agree with Max on this one. I just don't see how it would be possible for that exact same sequence of events to occur twice. The likelihood of a security gaurd falling asleep twice while posted up waiting for explorers is very unrealistic."

"I'm not necessarily against anyone's point of view, but I can say that I scouted heavily, and successfully entered the Ford Plant Tunnels within the year of the AS infiltration. I had no problems with a sleeping guard or any other security."

"That is really pathetic."

"I think it's about 85.56% likely that Max is correct that Greg p[redacted per settlement agreement] his site."

"Well, it sounded pretty cool, but now I'm not sure if I'd want my money going to it. Maybe I'll see if any of the libraries around here have already purchased a copy. If not, I might get me an e-book of it if anyone on teh interwebz has it uploaded."



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