urban exploration rules


Action Squad follows these iron-clad guidelines, usually:


Action Squad is a not about profit.  While exploring, we frequently come into contact with power tools, laptop computers, and other expensive and easy to carry equipment.  In over four over ten fifteen years of Action Squadding, we have never stolen such an item.

This is important because:

  • Theft obscures and dilutes the purely adventurous spirit of true Action Squadding.
  • Stealing on Action Squads would cause us to experience far greater penalties if we were ever apprehended.
  • Thefts result in increased security, making return trips impossible or ill-advised.



Action Squad does not tolerate destruction of property.  Smashing things, arson, sabotage, and graffiti are all banned activities while along on an Action Squad.  This rule is vital for the same reasons as the anti-theft rule.



This squishy rule has a less practical justification.  Quite simply, you've already been behind you.  Leaving an Action Squad by simply retracing your steps is boring!  So seek an exit other than the way you entered whenever possible.

(This one is mostly on here to pad the list. And the list was on here mainly to create more options for the main page menu, really. The original list was a printed list meant to be carried around while exploring in case we got busted in some building - nodays the police know exactly what 'urban exploration' is all about, but back then they'd assume people wearing headlamps coming through the ventilation system were up to some serious no-good. So the thought was that this would at least help reframe their perspective of our motives ... moot point anyway, because we didn't get caught. Except for that one time, and that didn't really count.)


The primary reason for this is to minimize the chances of getting caught due to someone catching a flash of light peeking out of a dead factory window or out of a steam tunnel vent, etc, but also ... hell, it's just more fun to explore when the whole place you're exploring isn't lit up like a doctor's office.


Drunk Beth is going to drive into my legs in a minute

We climb the sides of buildings, descend ladders hundreds of feet into tunnels, and balance along high up ledges.  It's hard enough to do this sober.  We don't want people to be drinking before or during an Action Squad because we don't want to have to haul your pickled corpse all the way to civilization, and would rather not have to explain how you died to the authorities.

Also it is no fun when someone has been drinking and they don't tell you about it, and then they crash an electric steam tunnel car into your knees and pin you to a pipe because they hit the wrong pedal.  Trust me on this one.

(Prohibition repealed, in spite of steam tunnel incident and the time Rebel kicked out a window of the Kurth plant and set off the alarm by accident while we were climbing to the roof. Drink-&-explore in moderation.)