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This Mission is dedicated to Ninjalicious, & to his memory.

We came back that night for the first of many trips into Abbott Hospital. It turned out that the vent was a no-go – just inside the cover plate, it narrowed down to a few inches wide. So we replaced the plate and started looking for a Plan B.

And found one. But I can’t tell you about it. Once the planned renovations and demolitions of Abbott Hospital go down, I plan to revisit this page and explain how we finally found a route in, because, while perhaps unspectacular, it was pretty damn fun and satisfying. But for now, we have to skip right ahead to the interior exploration photo tours. Which isn't so bad, is it?

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clues, windows, artifacts

Exploring Abbott Hospital - Trip 1

Members: Max Action / Saddlesore / the Warden / Caillech

approx 43 pictures

clues, windows, artifacts

Exploring Abbott Hospital - Trip 2

Max Action / Saddlesore / Lola / Caillech / Ghoulia Hawk / Screwed

about 22 pictures

clues, windows, artifacts

Exploring Abbott Hospital - Trip 3

Members: Max Action / Asylunt / Atomic

49 or so pictures (Atomic let me use his digital camera)

Wait, I forget to mention Something Important: the Guardian Squirrels. See, were these things - squirrels, maybe - or something more sinister and possessed by the ghosts of the Abbott dead - that would go nuts every time we'd sneak into the building. We never saw them, but always heard them - from up on the rooftops would come this crazy commotion of claws skittering in the gutters. It always started aburptly right as we started to go in. We never heard them while up on the rooftops - only when we first arrived.

OK, so maybe this isn't important after all. But I found a note to myself from back in September reminding me to include the Guardian Squirrels in the update somewhere, damn it, so there you go.



Action Squad Video: The Battle of the Mysterious Yellow Panel (coming soon)

The Future of Abbott Hospital
(Environmental Assessment Worksheet filed by those planning to redevelop the Hospital)

"The project is redevelopment of the former Abbott Hospital site in the Stevens Square Historic District of Minneapolis. The original hospital building, but not the adjoining 1919 Janney addition on First Avenue, will be converted into 12 apartments. The later additions along 18th St. and Stevens Ave. will be demolished and replaced by a four-story apartment building. The 1919 addition on First Avenue will also be demolished."

That is all for this broadcast.

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